Home of Venturepod and Traveling Made Easy

001006028053new pod 1new pod 2P1080244352SIMPLE CAMPING SOLUTIONS brings you a completely different concept for camping, hunting, and traveling. If you are one of the millions of people who love to camp and travel, then the all new Venturepod is for you. The Venturepod bridges the gap between being a total all-in RVer and the family who gets out only two or three times a year and doesn’t want the commitment or expense of a larger RV.

LARGE STORAGE COMPARTMENT. Load all your gear through the large rear hatch and free up the space in your car so your passengers can travel in comfort. The Venturepod trailer provides you with almost all the amenities of home in a compact, towable package. Made with the smaller more fuel-efficient cars of today in mind, it weighs approximately 1200# pounds or less when fully loaded with all your gear, and it will streamline behind the smallest of cars. There is ample storage for all your gear so you can now free up and utilize the full-seating capacity of today’s smaller SUV, car, and truck.


Venturepod HD. The new HD Venturepod is off road capable with a heavier suspension , Jeep fenders , Larger fresh water capability, 31 inch off road tires and a lot more !

EVERYTHING BUT THE BUNK. The utilities provided to you on the Venturepod platform are outstanding. You have everything needed to make your camping or road trip comfortable and simple. What sets the Venturepod apart from other small , compact, travel trailers is the concept of not trying to sleep in a cramped, low ceiling trailer. Instead, you bring your choice of sleeping quarters. Go big and tall, small and compact, expensive or less expensive, or ease of setup. You choose the tent you want. And with today’s array of comfortable inflatable beds, you are set. No more having to set up your pop-up tent trailer when you get home so you can dry it out after it gets wet.

EASY SETUP. Stop anywhere and lift the hatches to access the stove, shower and sink in just a few seconds! When you arrive at your destination, simply set up your tent and everything else is  ready for your immediate use. Instant hot water, sink and faucet, three-burner stove, galley-top, shower, and 12 volt power supply.